Pleat Fly Screen Horizontal Vertical Double Model

It is a pleated tulle mosquito net model that can be applied in horizontal or vertical shapes. It can be applied as a maximum width of 600 cm and a height of 300 cm at most.

Wood, PVC joinery can be applied to all windows. It is the ideal system to be used in expanding the spaces narrowed by the hinged mosquito net doors opening into the house. It can be collected easily when necessary. With the use of imported tulle, you can easily use it in 4 seasons, you do not need to remove the product in winter.

The tulle in the pleated appearance makes itself noticeable against the possibility of hitting the tulle by distraction.

Practical assembly is made from the plastic wedges on the corners. It provides the most suitable appearance for your space with its standard and special color alternatives suitable for the project.

It provides both a stylish look and real ease of use to your homes.

Double Double Folding System horizontal pleated mosquito net models will add elegance and comfort to your home.

It is a dust-proof, pleated fly screen system that can be produced and assembled horizontally or vertically, which you can use without having to strain for cleaning. It can be applied according to the design and design of your home with many different color options. In this way, while adding elegance to your home, it also allows you to easily get rid of flies.

Our Folding Horizontal Pleated mosquito nets can be applied to all Wooden joinery, PVC and Aluminum joinery systems, allowing them to be used together with your glass balcony applications.